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Preparation of L-Glutathione Reduced

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Update time : 2018-11-22 07:40:00
Preparation of L-Glutathione Reduced
The preparation methods of L-Glutathione Reduced mainly include solvent extraction, fermentation, chemical synthesis and enzyme synthesis.
  1. Solvent extraction
The wheat germ and yeast which are rich in L-Glutathione Reduced are used as raw materials, treated with appropriate solvents, and then separated and purified. Solvent extraction has long been used to extract L-Glutathione Reduced, but the solvent extraction method has disadvantages such as backward production process, small production scale, low quality of the extracted L-Glutathione Reduced, and relatively complicated process flow.
  1. Fermentation
This method mainly uses the substances metabolized by specific microorganisms to convert carbohydrates into L-Glutathione Reduced. The fermentation method has certain advantages, such as mild reaction conditions, shorter fermentation time, simpler production process, etc., but it also has certain disadvantages. The content of L-Glutathione Reduced obtained by fermentation is not high. In the future process research Zhongying focuses on how to increase the content.
  1. Chemical synthesis
This method mainly uses glutamic acid, cysteine and glycine as raw materials to synthesize L-Glutathione Reduced through chemical methods. This production process is relatively mature, but has the shortcomings of multiple reaction steps, long reaction time, complex operation process and high production cost, and the chemical synthesis method also has the problem of environmental pollution, so it is not widely used.
  1. Enzymatic synthesis
Generally, L-glutamic acid, L-cysteineand glycine are used as substrates, and L-Glutathione Reduced synthetase in the organism is used and an appropriate amount of ATP is added to catalyze the synthesis of L-Glutathione Reduced. Most of the most used L-Glutathione Reduced synthase comes from yeast. The production of L-Glutathione Reduced by the enzyme conversion method has a clear process, and the extracted L-Glutathione Reduced has high purity, but the production process is complicated and time-consuming, so the cost is high. The method is currently under development.
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